In this recent article on Citywire, the care taken by UK-based wealth management firm Equality Capital to screen potential investments, is an interesting case study in listening to your audience, in this case the LGBT community.

Going that extra step to ensure recommended investments match their target demographic’s outlook and beliefs, provides Equality with an opportunity to appeal to clients in a more engaging and collaborative way. Read it below:

Equality Capital, a wealth management firm focused on ethical investments directly affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, has entered the market.

The firm has been launched by Chichester-based discretionary management business CPN Investment Management.

The Equality Capital will apply screens and score markets on how ethical they are based on marriage equality, civil partnerships, discrimination laws in employment, adoption rights, military service right and legal punishments..

In addition to these screens Equality Capital will actively pursue investment opportunities that make positive differences in the LGBT community.

Charlie Nicholls, managing partner of Equality Capital said, “We aim to create a like-minded community of investors who care about LGBT positive rights and equality. Our social commitment doesn’t hinder our ability to earn attractive returns for our clients, in fact, it improves them as there are many opportunities in LGBT-friendly markets.”

According to Equality Capital, often wealth managers do not appreciate that when they create globally diverse portfolios they may be investing in regimes and organisations that hinder the freedoms and human rights of the community.

Nicholls added: “We are exceptionally lucky here in the UK that our democracy has chosen equality and that our rights are protected by the law.

However, there are many places around the world where this is not the case and by making intelligent, well-informed investment decisions, we can ensure that we are not inadvertently supporting areas that contribute to the suffering of LGBT people.”

The firm, alongside its own discretionary offering, will offer a review investors’ current investment portfolios and receive a free report grade the LGBT-friendliness of their investments.

Nicholls, who was a Wealth Manager cover star in 2014, has spent nine years at CPN Investment Management, during which time he foundered automated financial advice website, Money on Toast.

The LGBT concept has been gathering traction in UK wealth management recently.

Last year saw St. James’ Place (SJP) partner with LGBT firm Equality Wealth.

Additionally Newscape Capital launched the LGBT Diversity fund, a long-only global equity strategy investing in companies supportive of LGBT diversity policies.

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