The World’s Most Liveable City of 2016 is..

Melbourne, Australia has been declared as the most liveable city of 2016 for the sixth consecutive year.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s official ranking of the major cities worldwide considered stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure – providing a final rating out of 100. Melbourne, with its plethora of world-class dining, cultural and sporting pursuits received the highest score of 97.5.

At a close second is the Austrian capital Vienna, with 97.4, and Canada’s Vancouver with 97.3 – positions both cities also held in 2015.

Canada was extremely well represented, with 3 of its cities holding 3rd, 4th and 5th places.

While little has changed amongst the usual contenders of the highest rankings, many formerly popular destinations have suffered as a result of political and economic stability, reflected by terrorism and general conflict. One such city is the French capital Paris, whose liveability score has reduced by a worrying 3.7% over the past five years. Recent terror attacks in the city have only further exacerbated the problem.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Athens and Caracas are also facing a downward course.

‘Although the top five cities remain unchanged, the past year has seen increasing instability across the world, causing volatility in the scores of many cities,’ the EIU’s annual ranking summary reported.

‘The continuing weakening of global stability scores has been made comfortably apparent by a number of high-profile incidents that have not shown any signs of slowing in recent years’.

Inevitably, the cities amongst the lowest rankings are those marked by war, poverty and political turmoil – or in many cases, all three.

As one might well expect, Syria’s capital Damascus placed at the bottom of all 140 cities ranked. Blighted by civil war, ISIS and poverty, it received a meagre 30.2. Tripoli, Libya, falls slightly higher with a score of 35.9.

However, even in those nations known for political or economic unrest, positive changes are possible. Tehran, Iran’s capital, has seen a 5% rise in its score over the past five years. This has been aided by improved ties with the west following many years of sanctions.

The Most Liveable Cities of 2016:

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Vienna, Austria
  3. Vancouver, Canada
  4. Toronto, Canada

=5. Calgary, Canada

=5. Adelaide, Australia

  1. Perth, Austrailia,
  2. Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Helsinki, Finland
  4. Hamburg, Germany